An Introduction to Graduate Education in the Visual Arts - Wrap-Up

An Introduction to Graduate Education in the Visual Arts - Wrap-Up

As you can see, there's a lot to consider when you're thinking about graduate education in the visual arts. Hopefully, the perspectives offered in this article will help you to explore many of the most important questions that you have; then, you will better prepared to take this important step in your career and your life.

In closing, please consider some of these remarks from our interviewees:

"(F)inding the best environment for you to achieve your academic/artistic goals is your most important decision," said Ms. Bourgeois. "Think carefully about your needs - what kind of resources, facilities, faculty, flexibility do you need to reach your goals."

Said Mr. Lightfoot: "While private schools are extremely expensive and the jobs, especially for fine arts students, usually provide meager compensation, I have yet to talk to one of our graduates who regrets the decision to pursue this degree. Happiness is not measured in dollars."

"There's something remarkable about having an education and a masters in the arts - especially in the business world. If you can really harness and channel the creativity, adding strategic skills and the ability to apply the creative to business needs - that's a real strength. That creativity is a valuable and rare thing."

Ms. Carol Crews, Doblin

"If you are thinking about going to grad school, try and think about what you want out of going," said Ms. Jappy. "If you are passionate and serious about your work, then I suggest that you apply... you only have one life, and it's better if you try and make the most of it."

"Do it because you want to do it, for your own intellectual and emotional growth," said Mr. Weber. "A good graduate program will push you to grow in ways that you don't anticipate. Take advantage of it in as many ways as you can. It's very easy in graduate school to hunker down too much in the studio without looking at all the stuff that's happening around you. It's precious time - take advantage of it."

Although this article may provide many thought-provoking quotes and resources, ultimately, it is you who must make the decision. It is only you who can envision and create what you want from your art, your career and your life.

Good luck!

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