FAQs About Earning MBA Degrees Online

FAQs About Earning MBA Degrees Online

What is the difference between an online MBA and an on-campus MBA?

Generally, there is no difference. MBA programs typically require around 36 credits, or two years of full-time study. Most MBA degrees are comprised of one year of core business classes, and one year of specialized study. The only difference between the majority of on-campus and online MBAs is where the classes take place. While on-campus programs offer students time for discussion in person, online MBA programs use web programs such as message boards and instant messenger to facilitate peer interaction and discussion.

Will my diploma indicate I completed an online MBA program?

Diplomas typically indicate the school from which the MBA degree was earned, and do not specifically mention where the work was completed (online or on-campus). The only way a prospective employer would know if your degree was an online degree is if you earned it from a university that operates completely online and does not offer classroom courses.

How can I make sure I pick a quality online MBA program?

One of the best ways to find out the quality of an MBA program is to look at career placement statistics. Most career development offices will have updated statistics available that show how many graduates found jobs in their fields within three, six, or nine months after graduation. For MBA programs, many statistics and surveys are also published that discuss salary increases after graduating with an MBA. Another method is by seeking out graduates from the program you are interested in and talking to them personally. Alumni organizations are great places to network and learn about your chosen online MBA program. For more about on the quality of online MBA programs, read "How to Check for a High Quality Online Degree Program" from our partner site, OnlineSchools.net.

When is the best time to get an MBA?

Only you can determine when the best time to go for an MBA will be. Many students like to have three to five years of work experience before returning to school, and some programs require students to have a certain amount of work experience before they can even be considered for admission. Online MBA degrees make going back to school easier than ever, and help to eliminate concerns about work and family commitments.

Can I get financial aid for an online MBA?

Most online MBA degrees offer a variety of financial aid opportunities for students. One of the most popular sources of assistance for MBA candidates is tuition reimbursement. Many corporations have excellent tuition reimbursement programs for employees. Other sources of aid for graduate students include Federal Stafford and PLUS loans.

How long will it take me to complete an online MBA program?

Most MBA programs include two years of full-time study - approximately 36 credits. Many online MBAs, however, can be completed much faster through accelerated options. Another advantage to doing an online MBA is working at your own pace. If you are a very motivated student, you have the potential to complete your MBA degree much faster than average.

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