Guide to Business Administration

Guide to Business Administration

Business administration is a popular degree title, one pursued at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Programs are found at thousands of colleges and universities throughout the country. But what exactly is a degree in business administration for?

Programs in business administration provide students with an education that covers all facets of business, including accounting and finance, statistics, marketing, and human resources. Students study the theory and principals that fuel every day business decisions, such as budgeting, hiring, management, and organization. A key aspect of the business administration degree is how it demonstrates the interaction between different business functions. Students commonly work in small groups to simulate real-world business situations, solve problems, and think about every day issues such as ethics and diversity.

Such programs are ideal for those interested in starting their own business or for those interested in management positions in a variety of corporate settings. Graduates of business administration programs are sought after by government, health care, international, and non-profit organizations, to name just a few. Many business administration programs offer students an opportunity to pick an area of concentration, such as finance or economics, to further focus one’s career goals.

A bachelor degree in business administration provides a great foundation for one to continue their studies and work toward a master of business administration, or MBA. The MBA is one of the most common graduate degrees pursued. It offers students in-depth study of business strategies and concepts, leadership skills, and networking opportunities.

MBA programs typically last two years and in the first year, provide students with a generalized curriculum that covers all facets of business. The second year is often marked for specialization in areas such as accounting, insurance, strategy, economics, finance, management, human resources, organizational behavior, marketing, sports management, operations management, international business, real estate, or entrepreneurship.

Other business administration programs include associate degrees for students looking for a two-year introduction of sorts to the world of business management, as well as doctoral degrees for those interested in business-related research and teaching opportunities.

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